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MVSCS is a designated Canadian Compliance Specialist (“CS”), (previously referred to as “Designated Importer”). We specialize in guiding U.S. manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RV’s), specialty vehicles and trailers through the process of organizing a proper company compliance program. We have the experience and knowledge to assist in organizing and assembling packages to meet Transport Canada’s requirements in order to enter the lucrative Canadian market. A properly assembled and maintained compliance package is necessary to acquiring and maintaining your status on our Pre-Clearance list of U.S. manufacturers recognized by Transport Canada.

A Canadian Compliance Specialist must be a Canadian-based professional entity/representative that contracts with U.S. manufacturers. Transport Canada recognizes a CS as being capable of meeting all requirements relating to vehicle compliance matters such as; processing information requests, recall management, vehicle conformance and certification, compliance package format, submission as required and other responsibilities associated with vehicle importation under Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act. This results in more efficient and reliable information processing and communication with the Canadian government, ensuring proper conformance with applicable Canadian federal laws.

The Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA), not unlike the applicable U.S. regulations that are enforced by The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), requires that new motor vehicles (trailers included) manufactured or altered for sale, be certified as compliant with all applicable Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (“CMVSR”) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (“CMVSS”).

The CMVSA requires the exercise of “reasonable care” in issuing the certification of compliance with safety standards. The only way to ensure that reasonable care has been taken is to confirm compliance with the applicable standards by testing where necessary and maintaining that confirmation through an ongoing compliance program.

As a manufacturer exporting your product to the Canadian market you need to confirm 3 things:

  1. You as a manufacturer/converter/alterer have an active and ongoing compliance program in place to self-certify your products
  2. You have current and appropriate documentation and testing to support your declaration of compliance to the applicable CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards), and
  3. You have the ability to initiate and manage product recalls if required.

The biggest hurdle is clear and organized documentation. MVSCS assists you in organizing your data into a structured electronic document that is easy to maintain and update.

The compliance package really is a useful and necessary investment for manufacturers. It’s a true affirmation of the professionalism of your operation and the quality and care you build into every unit.

How will MVSCS help you?

  • Review your current compliance program and documentation to ensure that it meets your current needs and identify improvements that can be made.
  • Help guide you through the restructuring your compliance program and documentation package, so that you can respond to regulators in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ensure that you are prepared to respond to and handle any potential recalls the may occur.
  • Oversee your compliance program, your ongoing compliance testing and maintain your documentation package.
  • Provide quick and cost effective access to qualified test facilities.
  • Take on the responsibility and act as your designated Canadian Compliance Specialist.

What does this mean for you the manufacturer? There is one voice responding to Transport Canada on your behalf.

For the dealer, it means that you will no longer be responsible for the compliance or regulatory issues for the units imported, which will allow you to focus your attention on what you know best, selling your product!

Follow this link to our current MVSCS Pre-Clearance list of U.S. manufacturers trusting our services.

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Paul Murphy, President

As of May 17th, 2014 MVSCS will no longer be identified as the “Importer” for Canada Customs importation purposes. What this means for the Canadian purchaser:

  1. The Canadian purchaser/consignee and their BN will be identified as the “Importer of Record” and will remain financially responsible for the GST/HST, duties (if appl.), brokerage fees, etc. applicable to the import transaction. The CS is now to be identified on the Commercial Invoice as the Compliance Specialist and/or shown on the Canada Customs Invoice in Box 12.
  2. The CS is also to be identified on the Vehicle Import Form – “Form 1” in Box 14 by name, in the “Company Name” field, along with the Canadian purchaser/consignee’s name and contact information in the “Importer Name” fields.

This means that as the Importer for Canadian Customs purposes, the Canadian Dealer or Wholesaler may receive the Vehicle Importer Form (Form 1) with a copy sent to us, the CS, by your broker.

MVSCS will continue to ensure that vehicle compliance documents remain up-to-date and in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the associated Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. MVSCS will also ensure communication continues with Transport Canada regarding engineering test records and certification documents, as well as assist in the issuance of and managing any Notice of Defect (recalls) for the Canadian market.